“Getting used to the studio and everything was fun, we freaked about a lot. I was working very hard then.” – Syd Barrett


A sound mixture of autumn moods and pop references, on a texture made of indie-rock and pop music that counts on the song as the main music form.

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Francis Delacroix

all the instruments are played by this little guy. no samples and shit. enjoy and go buy some ice cream,then go on a rollercoaster

teen trouble


21 years old from Italy with dreamy tastes. Making today better than yesterday with music.
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Infettati dalle ferite urticanti del math/noise chicagoano e folgorati dalle contorsioni del freejazz scandinavo.

Ironia disincantata, cuori sfregiati e ad ognuno il proprio pezzo di ricambio.

Curly Like Maria

Italian band formed in 2010 in Torino. The group’s line-up consisted of Fabio Padovan (lead vocals, songwriter), Vincent (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Marco Cordazzo (drum) and Max Truglio (bass). The four musicians come from different backgrounds and influences of various kinds, perfectly blended and mixed to create a sound genuine and sincere. Their music featured a melding of rock from the 60s,  grunge and indie-rock influences. They made different live performance, expecially in Turin and Milan, for exemple at: Hiroshima mon amour, Spazio 211, Magnolia parade, Alcatraz.

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