Our own musical project


When it all started it was 2012, in Turin, underground (literally). We were “Chronobeach”, an indietronic band making music in a garage we used to call “Wolf’s Garage“. (and in wich we used to play, eat, drink and sometimes even sleep).

After two selfproduced works “Don’t think A+B” collection and “Dif. Scraps” e.p., and some live gigs around our town area, we decided to take a rest and moved from our “home”.

We finally found the right place wolf’s garage was dead, and Chronobeach Project Studio was born. It was 2015, and we slowly started to focus our attention on producing other artist’s works, wich was a really good way to practise different styles of production and discover different studio solutions.

Chronobeach project, as a band, was at its end, but in autumn 2017 we just felt the need of coming back producing music we can say it’s our own music. The name of this new challenge is ALTRIPARTY.

Last works