Warm Sound since 2015 

What we do

Chronobeach is a place of experimentation, creation and production. We love to mix the warmness of acoustic instruments and the analog sound of electronic machines.

The right landscape for your track.

Do you need new ideas for the sound of your song? Harmonic chorus and voice arrangements, guitar riffs and shakers, a synths texture or an electric piano, a feedback solo, a vocoder? Working along toghether with the artist, we are ready to create the right musical landscape for your track.

We create the kind of beat you need.

Are you an mc, a freestyler or you just need a beat to sing on? From R’N’B’ to trap, from Hip-Hop to electro-soul and pop. From drum machines to live percussions, from synths to acoustic bass.

Your gig will sound great.

Track by track or pure live, we have different kind of solutions to make your instruments, your voice and your performance sound great. Or maybe you just want a super-demo!

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