Chronobeach Project Studio

When it all started it was 2012, in Turin, underground (literally). We were “Chronobeach”, an indietronic band making music in a garage we used to call “wolf’s garage”. After selfproduced works, and some live gigs, we decided to take a rest and moved from our home. We finally found the right place Chronobeach (Project) Studio was born.

It was 2015, and we slowly started to focus our attention on producing other artist’s works, wich was a really good way to practise different styles of production and discover different studio solutions. Chronobeach project, as a band, was at its end.


Gear & Equipement


Neumann TLM 103, Nady Ribbon Mod, Beyerdynamic M201 (2x), EV RE 320, Oktava Mk012 (2x), Rode M3, Rode NT1, Sennheiser MD 421, Shure SM57 (4x), Shure SM58 (3x), SE Electronics Se1Aa (2x), Beyerdinamic m300n.

Outboard & Converters

Api 512c, A-Designs EM Blue, Avalon vt 737 sp, Neve 1073 LB, Joemeek six q, Drawmer 1968, Elysia Xpressor 500Radial Pro48 Actieve, Presonus Bluetube, L.r Bagg Aco, Palmer Reamp Box

Apogee Ensemble, Apogee Rosetta 800

Mixer & Monitors

Soundcraft Delta 16 (Modified), Mackie Big Knob, Focal Shape 65, Avantone Mixcube.


Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, Logic Pro 10,  Ableton Live 9, Revox A77  (2 track tape recorder), Zoom H2N

Additional Instruments

Pearl Master Studio + Ufip set, Rullante Premiere Heavy-Rock 9, Rullante Pearl Chad Smith, Fender Stratocaster USA 1980, Fender Telecaster Mex, Ibanez Talman, Yamaha APX, Moog Subphatty, Elektron Analog Keys, Elektron Digitakt, Elektron Digitone, Crumar DP-50, Teenage Engineering OP-1, keyboards & MIDI controller.

Other Signal Processor

Elektron Analog Heat MKII, Moog Mf 103 phaser, Korg Kaos Pad 3, Digitech Studio Multifx, Midiverb III, Marshall JMP-1, Eventide Pitch Factor, Tech 21 Bass Driver D.I, Line6 DL4, ZVEX Box of rock, Boss pedals.

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